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She Said Yes!

11 December 2018 PLACES BY Journey Tale

marriage proposal will (hopefully) only happen once in your lifetime, so you'll want it to be memorable and perfect. After you've worked up the nerve to ask, you'll want a romantic way to pop the question. Consider some creative marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression. Everyone want an happy ending journey.

Here we share a heart-touching story from one of our best client: Octavian and Cris. Such a lovely couple we’ve ever known. Cris booked us since a few months ago, she told us to have a casual couple photo-session, and we suggest to have a pre-wedding session but still she managed to just have a casual session. PS: From our chit chat, we can conclude Cris is a very nice and shy girl.

Long story short, a couples week before the photoshoot day, Octavian contacted our team to help him buy a flower. He said that he will propose Chris on that day. Our team was so happy and excited. Until the day, as we can see from their picture. Chris looked so happy and overwhelmed. Absolutely, SHE SAID YES!

During an editing process, our team was so grateful can be part of their happiness. Once again, congratulations! We wish you a happily ever after and looking forward to the next photo-session!

Here we share about some tips for choosing a photogenic proposal location:

1. Propose During the Day — or at least someplace bright!

From September through April the light is soft and golden all day long in Korea, ideal for sightseeing and photos.  Come summer you’ll probably have to move into the shade of an open air cafe or tree at the park, it gets hot and candid photos in the midday sun don’t usually come out as well.

2. DO, Don’
t Dine

Despite what all those romantic movies have lead us to believe, you don’t have to propose over a gourmet dinner, or any other meal for that matter.  You’re future fiancee is going to get really weirded-out when she notices some stranger taking her picture from the table in the corner. Instead DO something together!  Not only will it make your proposal less predicable for her, focusing your attention on an activity you both enjoy will make for more natural looking photos and increase our chances of keeping it all a surprise.

3. Keep it Simple

The KISS principal never goes out of style.  Don’t get too elaborate, a paparazzi engagement has enough variables as it is.  Your only concern should be enjoying the moment.

4. Do Plan a Little

Bearing in mind point #3, some degree of planning is essential.  You should at least agree on a meeting time, general location and the direction you will be facing when you propose.