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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we book a Journeytale Package?Accordion
To book a session, go to “Book Now”, choose your destination and your selected session time. Upon receiving payment, we will send you an email confirmation.
What kind of service are Journeytale provided?Accordion
We provide a Photographer and Tour Guide service, either you can choose both of them or just choose one service, depends on your travel necessity.
How long is a session and how much does it cost?Accordion
Our photography sessions are two hours each and you can book as many sessions as you need. The price starts from US$150 to US$450 per session depending on the city you’ll be travelling to.
How about the Tour Guide service?Accordion
Our Tour Guide service session start from 1 day until many days as your wish - you can custom how many days do you need our Tour Guide service. Just simply clock “Custom” on your booking form and fill out how many days do you need. The price range is starting from US$200 per day.
How many days in advance should I book my photo tour?Accordion
We suggest booking one week in advance. We try our best to accommodate any last minute bookings, but to ensure you get your preferred time, date, and photographer, we recommend booking 2-3 weeks in advance.
Can I choose the photographers I want?Accordion
We assign our previously curated photographers based on availability, so unfortunately, choosing a particular photographer is not an option. But rest assured, all our photographers have been carefully selected. We promise you that they’re friendly and reliable and they will deliver great results!
When will I know who my photographer is and where to meet them?Accordion
As soon as we have your dates and preferences we will match you with an available photographer and send you your ‘Journeytale Ticket’ - this contains the photographer details, their photography samples, and details for your shoot.
How many people can join in the photo session?Accordion
Probably we can say “Unlimited Photo Members” but we know that any more than 15 people will make the session less effective. For best result, have a maximum of fifteen people in the group.
How will I meet my photographer?Accordion
We will assign a photographer within three days after your booking. Then you will receive an email with your photographer’s contact details. You can contact him directly and discuss a meeting point.
What’s a good place to take pictures?Accordion
Our photographers can suggest to you the best spots in the city. They’re local, so they’ll know the way! If you already have some ideas in mind, please let us know.
Can I reschedule or cancel my photographer or Tour Guide?Accordion
If you need to reschedule your photo tour, please notify us via email, phone, or text with at least 10 days notice. Our rescheduling policy is as follows:
  • •  At least 10 days in advance, you will not be charged a rescheduling fee.
  • •  After 5 days or within hours of your photo tour, you will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.
  • •  Cancelations at least 15 days in advance, you will receive 80% refund
  • •  Cancelations after 15 days or within hours no refund
What happens if it’s raining on the day of my photo tour?Accordion
The great thing about our photo tours, is that they’re weather proof. With the exception of a hurricane, tropical storm or flood, the show will go on! Exploring the city under the rain is an adventure, and it will make for great photos (trust us!).
When will I receive my photos?Accordion
We will send you a link with your personalised private gallery within 3 business days after your shoot.
In what format are the photos delivered?Accordion
Your high-resolution photos will be delivered in .jpg format.
Do you provide wedding or event photography services?Accordion
We can accommodate photo tours before the wedding (engagement shoot) or after the wedding ceremony (either on the day of or at a later time). Couples should feel free to dress in their wedding attire, but keep in mind that our photo tours are limited to a private, candid shoots, and will not document the ceremony and wedding.
Will my pictures be shared?Accordion
You have the right to use the photos for personal use. If you prefer to keep it private, please let us know in advance. However we love to feature our clients photos and our photographers’ works on our blog or social media channels.